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DayLight FL-52 KIT  
2x Fluorescent Fixture DayLight FL-52
4x Fluorescent tube 55W (2G11)
2x “10-FP 004B” Air-Cushioned 4-Section Light Stand (81-249 cm) + AU1
1x Light Stand Kit Bag (18х17х94 cm)
1x DayLight FL-52 bag
Rekam offers Lightning Kit based on fluorescent DayLight FL-52 Fixtures, which provide continuous bright but even lightning with color temperature 5400±200 ºК.

Fluorescent lighters do not influence the air temperature in the studio and consume less power than halogen ones.
These light fixtures are ideal for portrait and objects photography and video filming.
Every Kit contains 2 Fluorescent Fixtures, solid air-cushioned light stands. There are also 2 bags for storage and transportation in “KIT” and one bag for light fixtures in “KIT 2”.
Rekam DayLight FL-52 KIT
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