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CoolLight 1500 LED new item
New age of continuous studio lightning is characterized by lack of necessity in “hot” lightning.

Rekam CoolLight 1500 LED – is a new LED lighter with light intensity 5000 lux.

This kind of light is “cool” one, without flickering and has a long lifetime. The power of the produced light is equivalent to 800W halogen lamp, at the same time consuming 8 times less power than halogen analogues. Color temperature of the lamp is 5600 ± 200 K.

Lamp’s lifetime in this lighter is not less than 10 000 hrs.
Light intensity can be doubled thanks to conical form and mirror surface of the reflector.

** Now only kit sale
Rekam CoolLight 1500 LED
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Technical parameters
Color Temperature: 5600 ±200K
Light Intensity: 5000 Lux/m
Power Control: Stepless
Power Consumption: 210-230VAC; 120W
Cooling: Built-in cooler
Noise: Not detected
Lamp Lifetime: 10 000hrs.
Material: Metal, Plastic
Common Reflector: Yes
Beam Angle: 40°
Lamp Protector: Pyrex
Power Cable: 3-conductor cable, 3.5 m
Dimensions: 28x12.5x22 (without glass disperser)
Weight: 2.1 kg

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