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MiniLight Ultra M-150 Kit  
Rekam Mini-Light Ultra M-150 Kit based on strobe lighter Mini-Light 150, with modeling light and built-in 2-leaf barndoors .

This kit is an ideal option for “home” studio and can be used for portrait and object photography.

The kit is easy to operate, has solid construction and can be packed into compact bags.

Lighters come equipped with modeling halogen light with power up to 50 W.

You are able to synchronize the lighter with digital cameras via sync cord or by luminous flux.

A solid case of lighters have built-in 2-leaf barndoors which are used to control light quantity and direction as well as protect the lamp from damages during transportation.

In the package there are 2 silver umbrellas (61 cm diameter), 2 solid light stands (max height 218 cm) and a bag for storage and transportation.
Rekam MiniLight Ultra M-150 Kit
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Technical parameters
Power supply: 220V/ 50Hz
Power: Up to 120J
Control range: 1/4 - 1/1 power
Control step: Stepless
Modeling Light: Halogen, 50W, Socket - GX 6.35, Color temperature - 3200
Indication: LED
Synchronization: Sync cable, IR, Luminous flux
Cooling: Indipendent
Dimensions: 96,5 x 179 mm
Weight:1.4 kg

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