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Mini-Light Ultra M-250 SB Kit new item
2x Strobe Lighter 250J with built-in 2-leaf barndoors
2x 4-Section light satand, 64 - 218 cm
2x Softboxes, 40x40
1x Sync cord, Ø 3,5 mm, 3m
1x Bag for storage and transportation

Rekam Mini-Light Ultra M-250 SB Kit is based on 2 strobe lighters Rekam Mini-Light 250 (250 J).

A solid case of lighters have built-in 2-leaf barndoors which are used to control light quantity and direction as well as protect the lamp from damages during transportation. The lighters come equipped with modeling light with power up to 50W.

The lighters can be easily synchronized with digital cameras via sync cord or by luminous flux.
The kit comes equipped with two 40x40 cm softboxes, solid light stands (max. height 218 cm) and a bag for storage and transportation.
Rekam Mini-Light Ultra M-250 SB Kit
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