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Mini-Light 250 new item
Rekam Mini-Light 250 (250 J) is a new lightweight, economical monolight that gives you a total of 250J of power, with precise power adjustment in 1/4 f-stop increments providing excellent control over your lighting.

Mini-Light 250 packed with a solid case and built-in 2-leaf barndoors, which are used to control light quantity and direction as well as protect the lamp from damages during transportation. The lighter comes equipped with modeling light with power up to 50W.

The lighter can be easily synchronized with digital cameras via sync cord or by luminous flux.

Rekam Mini-Light 250
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Technical parameters
Power Supply: 50Hz/ 220V
Power: up to 250J
Flash Variability: full - to 1/4 power, stepless
Modeling Light: Halogen, 50W, GX 6.35 socket, color temperature - 3200° K
Recycle Time: 100% - 2.8 sek/ 50% - 1.6 sek
Controling: Analog
Color temperature: 5600±100° К
Flash Ready Indication: LED
Syncronization: Sync cord, IR, Luminous Flux
Dimensions: 96,5 x 179 mm
Weight: ~1,1 kg

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