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Translucent, silver and gold umbrellas are used to control the light output. Umbrellas soften the light and provide almost shadowless photographing.
Rekam Umbrellas
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Technical parameters
RU-33TUmbrella 84 cm, translucent
RU-36TUmbrella 90 cm, translucent
RU-40TUmbrella 100 cm, translucent
RU-43TUmbrella 108 cm, translucent
RU-33SUmbrella 84 cm, silver
RU-36SUmbrella 90 cm, silver
RU-40SUmbrella 100 cm, silver
RU-43SUmbrella 108 cm, silver
RU-33GUmbrella 84 cm, gold
RU-36GUmbrella 90 cm, gold
RU-40GUmbrella 100 cm, gold
RU-43GUmbrella 108 cm, gold

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