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STUDIO EQUIPMENT  »  Strobe Lighters
Mini-Light 250  New!

Studio Lightning
Power: up to 250J

ProfiLight 1200  New!

Studio Lightning
Power: up to 1200J

Master Pro 1000  New!

Studio Lighter
Power: up to 1000J

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STUDIO EQUIPMENT  »  Halogen Lighters

Continuous lighter for indoor photo and video shooting

HaloLight 1000 super 

Continuous lighter for indoor photo and video shooting.
Power: 1000W

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STUDIO EQUIPMENT  »  Light Fixtures
DayLIght FL-52 Fluorescent Fixture 

Continuous Lighter

Fluorescent Fixture  FL-500

Continuous Lighter

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CoolLight 1500 LED  New!

New powerful and compact LED lighter with light intensity 5000 lux.
** Only kit sale

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Mini-Light Ultra M-250 SB Kit  New!

2x Strobe Lighter 250J with built-in 2-leaf barndoors
2x 4-Section light satand, 64 - 218 cm
2x Softboxes, 40x40
1x Sync cord, Ø 3,5 mm, 3m
1x Bag for storage and transportation

MiniLight Ultra M-150 Kit  

2x Strobe Lighter Mini-Light 150, up to 120J
2x 4-Section Light Stand
2x Silver Umbrella (61 cm diameter)
1x Sync Cord with 3.5 mm plug, 3 meters
1x Bag for storage and transportation

HaloLight-1000 Super Kit 2 

•2x Halogen lighters HaloLight-1000 Super (1000W)
•2x “JH-2200” Air-Cushioned 3-Section Light Stand (77-230 cm)
•1x Convertible Umbrella (101cm)
•2x Heat-resistant Softbox 90x90

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STUDIO EQUIPMENT  »  Studio Turbofan
Studio Cylinder Type Fan  TWT-1000

TWT-1000 is a must for the fashion and beauty studio where creating dynamic images is essential. TWT-1000 fan gives the entire breeze you need.
TWT-1000 with its continuously variable speed motor and remote control can make adjustment for even the most delicate need.

Air-cushioned Fan Stand with Runway Base  110-500st, 110-500D

Air-cushioned Fan Stand:
• Height: 128-202 cm
• Load: 13kg

Runway Base:
Material: nylon
Diameter: 700mm
Wheel Diameter: 60mm

Fan Snoot  750WS

Fan Snoot is aimed to increase the air speed.

Supplied with the mountings.

Weight: 3kg

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STUDIO EQUIPMENT  »  Light Stands and Booms
Light Stand for Collapsible Reflectors  PL-3111

Mini-boom, 80 cm  EF-C 0501S

Light Stand  10-001B

Air-Cushioned 2-Section Light Stand (43-65 cm)

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STUDIO EQUIPMENT  »  Backgrounds
Shadowless Light Tent  (Shadowless lighthouse) 90x90x90

Dimensions: 90x90x90cm
Folded Dimensions: diameter 40 cm
Gross Weight: 2.0 kg

Small Portrait Background  PB-030

Dimensions: 1.15x1.0 m

Shooting Table 

Plastic Top Dimensions: 50x120 cm
Height: 54 cm

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STUDIO EQUIPMENT  »  Softboxes and Umbrellas

Translucent, silver and gold umbrellas are used to control the light output. Umbrellas soften the light and provide almost shadowless photographing.

Convertible Umbrella 

RU-36BT – 90 cm

RU-40BT – 100 cm

RU-43BT – 108 cm


For Opus, Neo, Promo-M, Master, HaloLight Super, HaloPro series

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STUDIO EQUIPMENT  »  On-Light Modifiers
Flash Snoot  RF-5007

For Promo-M, Master, Evolution, HaloLight Super, HaloPro Series

Reflector 180mm  RF 5003

Common reflector 180mm for Opus, Neo, Promo-M, Master, Evolution lighters

Background Reflector  RF 5005

For Opus, Neo, Promo-M, Master, Evolution lighters; Halo Light Super, Halo Pro halogen lighters

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Photo Vest  Profi 3

Flash-tube socket  10-C300

Flash-tube socket with umbrella mounting and clip

MiniLight 60-3RD Flash-tube Filters Kit   60-500 CF

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